From the recording Athabasca

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Produced & Mixed by Lloyd Peterson

Sam Baardman: vocals, guitar
Susan Israel: violin
Rosalyn Dennett: violin
Rob McLaren: guitar, banjo
Gord Mowat: upright bass
Corey Ticknor: mandolin, harmony vocals
Karla Ferguson: accordion, harmony vocals



water on the roses, water on the plain
water on the dry earth makes the river rise again
suddenly the sunlight, streaming through the panes
falls upon the curtains, and illuminates the rain

in this still life town, still life town
propped up on the prairies, just waiting to fall down
still life town

cars out on the highway, they whine like hungry dogs
cars eat up the nighttime and then vanish in the fog
church bells and wind chimes clang across the dawn
morning meets the skyline, stretches and then yawns



(still life town) falcons in the towers
(still life town) water underground
(still life town) all around the flowers
(still life town) slowly turning brown

honey, you know we hardly notice this world that we walk through
we’re somnambulistic strutters just trying to make do
and we love it and we hate it, but we’re fettered and we’re caught
and this river keeps on running, taking everything we’ve got