From the recording Athabasca

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Produced & Mixed by Lloyd Peterson

Sam Baardman: vocals, guitar
Lloyd Peterson: bass
Rosalyn Dennett: violin, harmony vocals
Rob McLaren: banjo, harmony vocals
Corey Ticknor: mandolin, harmony vocals
Karla Ferguson: accordion, harmony vocals
Mabel McManus: harmony vocals
Susan Israel: harmony vocals
Bill Ayers: harmony vocals



beautiful world, beautiful life
beautiful world, beautiful life

it’s in the perfection of all living things
it’s in the the sound of the trees in the wind
the interconnections that we can’t begin
to understand

the wild places that no one’s explored
the garden of roses, the prick of the thorns
I can hardly believe that I chanced to be born
in this forest of dreams

the water that moves in all of its forms
energy surging, brings on the storms
and hope, like waves, can crash to the shore
and still be restored

miraculous things that are yet to be seen
can disappear in the moments between
so tread soft in the blue and the green
and love what you can (in this…)