1. Sick Sedition

From the recording Athabasca

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Produced & Mixed by Lloyd Peterson

Sam Baardman: vocals, guitar
Isaac Dennett: guitar
Rob McLaren: lap steel
Cor4ey Ticknor: Mandolin
Gord Mowat: electric bass
Josh Ayers: drums
Heitha Forsyth: harmony vocals



I’m a political hobbyist
you walk in like a lobbyist
with an arms dealer shopping list
this ain’t no place for a pacifist

you’re talking the party line
you tell me everything’s in decline
I’m the paint, you’re the turpentine
you want to tell me what’s on your mind

but this is no time for opposition
you’re stoking the long division
I’m stuck here so I just listen
you want to pour me champagne in prison
you’re telling me what is, and what isn’t
but all I see is sick sedition

I guess it’s time I get out of here
but I don’t know how to disappear
I’m just a musical balladeer
surrounded by racketeers

only a fool would take them on
I won’t be crossing the rubicon
or getting stuck in the octagon
time for me to be moving on


feel like I’m in the wrong universe
times are strange and it’s getting worse
we’ve never been here, it’s unrehearsed
I’m speeding up, I can’t find reverse

I’m so sick of your stupid jokes
it’s not just a matter of “different strokes”
not everything is a fucking hoax
you’ve swallowed everything, I hope you choke