From the recording Athabasca

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Produced & Mixed by Lloyd Peterson

Sam Baardman: vocals, guitar
Lloyd Peterson: guitar, percussion
Rosalyn Dennett: violin
Rob McLaren: banjo
Gord Mowat: upright bass
Scott Senior: percussion
Corey Ticknor: mandolin, harmony vocals



Here in the feel-good factory things couldn’t feel much worse
We’re looking for the money but there’s nothing in the purse
The blazing city sparkles and they’re selling all they can
The lights are shining brightly but the moon is looking sad

And I don’t care much for talking and I don’t care much for song
The answers to my questions are a thousand times too long
In the doorways, in the porches, like the smokers in the yard
We say it’s time to kick the habit, it can’t possibly be hard

And behind the trees and bushes there is always someone there
Tracking all the signals coming through the dirty air
There’s nothing in the atmosphere but floating plastic bags
And the sound of hissing voices saying, get out while you can
Get out while you can

It’s nothing but a big charade
It’s the same song that they’ve always played
While we stand behind the barricades
And watch the fool’s parade

So I’ll meet you at the outlet mall beneath the snapping flags
Where the wisdom of the age is written in the discount tags
There’s a corner of the basement where even darkness doesn’t shine
Of all the places that I love you that’s the first that comes to mind

here in the feel-good factory they’re about to call the game
here in the feel-good factory I’m still calling out your name