1. Spring Song

From the recording Athabasca

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Produced & Mixed by Lloyd Peterson

Sam Baardman: vocals, guitar
Lloyd Peterson: guitar, piano, keyboard, percussion
Gord Mowat: upright bass
Scott Senior: percussion
Corey Ticknor: harmony vocals
Karla Ferguson: accordion, harmony vocals
Don Bray: Weissenborn guitar



so now you feel the springtime, the turning of the trees
the sun unlocks the river and the flowers turn to bees
March turns into April, and April turns to mud
it’s the tilting of the world, the beginning of the flood

everything around you is gonna change
the corner lifts and turns another page
time and time again in the wasting of the age
everything familiar becomes strange

there’s singing in the forest, but nothing to be seen
the dry bones of winter are all covered up with leaves
it’s the chaos of the season, the breaking of the host
the levelling of reason and the raising of the ghosts


in between the freezing winds
and the blazing heat that summer brings
there’s a time for winter’s reckoning
when broken things can live again

so you wait for something better, wait for something good
nothing in this life can be completely understood
breathe in, and breathe out
the world spins, and spring comes