1. Solar Flare

From the recording The Rookery

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there’s a voice ‘cross the wires, it comes trembling and tired
saying everything’s fine over here
I can hear myself saying it, without really weighing it
it’s good to have you in my ear

there’s a comet just outside my window
hanging in the afterglow of a solar flare
a star like a diamond spilling off of the moon
I can feel there’s a change and it’s coming on soon

some people live and love, others live and learn
sometimes you have to walk alone
and every lover falls apart, when it comes their turn
to walk along that lonely road


you know, life can be fragrant as orange peels
and life can be hard as the skin on your heels
when all is prediction and pattern
sometimes it dissolves and sometimes it shatters

you can’t spend all your time under one blue sky
you can’t spend all your days in the rain
every wave recedes, and every heart it bleeds
but every hurt can turn to joy again