1. Breathe Easy

From the recording The Rookery

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in a small schoolhouse in 1965
a teacher read from a government pamphlet
when everyone hears that air raid siren
can you tell me to do? She saw 30 small hands up

get down on the floor, put your head between your knees
and breathe easy
you may hear a big bang and you may feel a slight breeze
but just breathe easy, breathe easy, yeah breathe easy

now they built a playground a mile from a nuclear silo
an ICBM lies asleep in the ground
they're cutting the budget down at CFB Shilo
and when the treaties get signed we all gather around

with a few minutes added to the nuclear clock
we can breathe easy
but now it's just a matter of a little more sunblock
breathe easy, yeah breathe easy, just breathe easy

now the corporate pamphlets are in all of our schoolrooms
they reek of greenspeak as thick as oil on Owen Sound
and while Dupont's negotiating profits for ozone
who's going to be at the table for the next round?

get down on the floor, put your head between your knees
and just breathe easy
today we're planting little slips and taking old growth trees
but just breathe easy
sure the planet's getting warmer but it's just a few degrees
so breathe easy, yeah breathe easy, we can breathe easy