1. Time

From the recording The Rookery

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Produced by Dan Donahue & Sam Baardman


well time it moves in silence till it takes on flesh and form
and time it hurries on until it leaves us old and worn
it’s a puzzle on a table put together piece by piece
it’s a landlord on the stairwell with his eye upon the lease

we’re not always given time
time for yours and time for mine
when we love and when we doubt
time’s what makes us work it out
we’re not always given time
time for yours and time for mine

and time it is a candle that is burning in the attic
time is in the airwaves, sometimes music, sometimes static
it’s a sweet young adolescent who believes she’ll live forever
it’s the heart of every dreamer who refuses to say never


and time it is insatiable, it just takes, it never begs
time is a pirana headed for the swimmer’s legs
it’s a soldier in the trenches who is waiting for a bullet
it’s a hangman, it’s a trapdoor, it’s the crowd that wants to see it

and time it is a Christian who’s still looking out for Jesus
and time it is what Hell is like when the whole place up and freezes
and me, I want a reprieve, see I need a change of plans
but no amount of scrubbing can take this time off of my hands