From the recording The Rookery

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the Amazon is burning, and my heart is in the trees
the strangest things are choking high up in the canopy
and my mind is full of wild things that I’ve never seen before
there’s panic in the jungle and there’s fire on the floor

and we roll in, roll out, roll up our sleeves
and get down to the business
of taking what we need

and submarines are sinking, with their nuclear disease
and I think I see you running, water spraying at the knees
and your tears are full of fishes, and your mouth is full of rain
you can sparkle all you want to, but you won’t come out again


you don’t need for me to tell you what we need is more than love
you can smell it in the ozone, you can feel it in your blood
but I feel as weak as breakfast tea in a river full of oil
or starlight on a solar cell, waiting for the boil