From the recording The Rookery

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I’m the one who puts the extra blanket on your bed
I’m the one who cries when the snow covers the dead
I don’t care what’s going on, but I’ll take it anyway
I’m the one who sings when there is nothing left to say

and ain’t that strange, what the body holds in store
ain’t that strange, don’t you go looking out for more
ain’t that strange, ain’t that strange

I’m the one who listens when you empty out your head
I’m the one who’s waiting there where angels fear to tread
I don’t care if this house is built on sand or swamp or rock
it’s been falling 20 years, it’s my job to keep it up


I’m the one who’s praying when no one can hear a sound
I’m the one who’ll be there when they pour you in the ground
I don’t care if everything is fate or circumstance
in the back room I’ll be jigging, I’ll be laying out this dance