From the recording The Rookery

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this is Commander Sam I have lately been promoted
to someone’s secret plan I am slavishly devoted
I was just a soldier once appropriately frightened
I waited for my orders my lips and back all tightened
yes I waited for my orders coming through

I long for the songs of Waterloo
the oxford dons and the sacred swans
and the parks and the city schools
no one meets their destiny
except those who break the rules
I long for the songs of Waterloo
I long for the songs of Waterloo

sometimes I’m in the know and sometimes I am mistaken
there may be softer beds and solace on the roads I have not taken
this kind of uncertainty it hides out in the hall
with an ear up to a drinking glass pressed firmly to the wall
and it listens while you rustle in your room


now the days that come and go are the days that mark our passing
and the fine and subtle trust we build is only gift worth having
the love that’s slipped away from me now that’s a river ever-flowing
it’s not what makes me want to stay it’s the thing that keeps me going
and years from now I’ll still remember you