From the recording Kicking the Stone Home

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Produced by Dan Donahue & Sam Baardman, Engineered and Mixed by Dan Donahue


there's an owl in the barn, blinking in the moonlight
it's flown in through the window that I can never shut right

there's a nest behind the counter at the store that I work
there's cocoons crusted over the hands of the clock
I hear scurrying behind me wherever I walk
and when I get to thinking sometimes I can't talk

you've got a place in the closet, got a place in my heart
there's a place on the walls for your cheap poster art
you're a part of my habits, you're a part of my thoughts
but when we get together sometimes we can't talk

I know a family with a secret, know a town with a curse
I know a country that believes that things can only get worse
we think of killers in the darkness that’ll never get caught
and when we think of killing sometimes we can't talk