1. Hearts & Hands

From the recording Kicking the Stone Home

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Produced by Dan Donahue & Sam Baardman, Engineered and Mixed by Dan Donahue


waking up one morning, I saw smoke against the sky
don't know if it was fire or just diesels rolling by
felt a chill from the water, felt the wind against my face
I was one of a generation, looking for a place

I was headed for Vancouver, and I tried to make the coast
got caught up in the Rockies, had to winter on the slopes
I worked long enough to watch the glaciers creep along the stone
the weather broke and hundreds of us scattered 'cross the globe

well we marched against the Gulf War, banged our heads against the wall
we were tired and we wondered at the point of it all
and I worked a while for Greenpeace, but I couldn't make the rent
we all thought we'd make a difference, but we didn't make a dent


in the hearts of our mothers, in the hands of our lovers
in the gaze of our teachers, we were running for cover
and with hard-bitten fathers, who were silent and injured
it's a wonder we all didn't just lay down

don't want to raise a family, I don't want to own a home
don't want to be a consumer, when I die, don't want a stone
there's a bulge in the workforce, but it's not weighing on my chest
I'll leave what little's left to all the brightest and the best


I'm not saying it's the times, but I don't think it's only me
it’s just that every time I move I feel the boundaries recede
and I am measuring my life, I am measuring my part
I am looking in the distance, looking in the dark