From the recording Kicking the Stone Home

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Produced by Dan Donahue & Sam Baardman, Engineered and Mixed by Dan Donahue


if you go down to the river's edge
draw some water and bring it to the bed
cause momma's been sick and she's gonna get worse
the sun's setting down on a powerful thirst

the minister talks to the spirit and the son
everybody's hoping that he won't come
but he's coming up the walk and we're all gonna pray
now everybody's hoping that he won't stay

and somewhere in the cupboard's an old deck of cards
the joker's standing in for the queen of hearts
and daddy's in the kitchen with pots and pans
everybody's missing my momma's hands

two weeks later we're all in the room
rain on the windows and black rubber boots
and daddy says momma will be home soon
and we'll all go walking with sun on our shoes