From the recording Kicking the Stone Home

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Produced by Dan Donahue & Sam Baardman, Engineered and Mixed by Dan Donahue


sometimes when I'm out walking I feel the streetlights on my head
and sometimes when I try to sleep the night seems lined with lead
I can't block the distant noises or the creaking in my bed
and a cold hand settles on me

I was talking to an uncle who was old and nearly gone
I asked him if he felt a pull towards the great beyond
he said, "everything I thought was true has turned out to be wrong”
and a cold hand settled on me

I was driving down the road, I saw a trailer overturned
and suddenly beside me was a breaking flight of birds
inside everything of beauty there's a cry that can be heard
and a cold hand settles on me

now every day I think about the things that I have seen
I shudder at the world out there but still I can believe
it's you who's always been the one who's stood there in between
when that cold hand settles on me