1. One Slow Kiss

From the recording Kicking the Stone Home

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Produced by Dan Donahue & Sam Baardman, Engineered and Mixed by Dan Donahue


your voice it feels like a river running over polished stones
cool break in the dry of the summer, one word from you, I'd be gone
thorn trees and telephone lines cast shadows on my sun-soaked eyes
If I thought we could see it through, you know I'd run the road with you

and watch the slow surrender of each day into the night
you know, every half-lit corner of my mind is feeling tight
I can feel it in my pocket, and I can feel it in my skin
I don't know how much longer I can hold this in

you have been torn into pieces, sewn into a lover's flag
still every day I can see you waving with an open hand
we can't just cut it free, if leaving solved it, we'd just leave
but I can't help saying this, we could run the road

I have been tied up with paper, lashed down, bound with a word
love and the law live together, but these laws of love are absurd
I'm pawing at the ground, these so-called secrets seem so loud
I cannot give in to this, but it would take just one slow kiss